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Hello, we are Darutho Co.. We have been in business since 2010, developing a Car polish that provides a deep, rich, wet-look color to paint, renews the original blue-hue Chrome has when new, clears Headlights on contact; without sanding, renews and extends the life of plastic trim such as Windshield Cowls and our product hides scratches like nothing else.

    The product was sold mainly to Police Dept's and Used Car lots but it is also sold to individuals. It performs very well at renewing the reflective graphics on emergency vehicles, making them much more visible in the daytime as well as at night, increasing Emergency Personnel safety.

   These traits made us wonder how the product would fare on painted and reflective Interstate and other road signs. So we reformulated it to tackle that task. Current testing has been very successful and we are anxious to begin conversations with the governing entities but we are currently in the process of gaining Federal Vendor status, which takes up to 90 days. Upon completion of becoming a Federal Vendor, we will begin working on saving signs immediately.

   In the mean time, please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to working with federal and all state governing entities.


   Thank you for visiting our site. We provide a mobile service which is available to DOT's, DOD, VA, private companies and city governments in the contiguous U.S. states. We apply our process to Street, Highway and Interstate Signage at the signs' location. We preserve/restore the retroreflectivity effect of sheeting, text/letters, border, color and overall visibility which improves safety and extends the useful life of signage. The result of our process exceeds DOT visibility standards for signage. For instance, in most cases, a sign that, according to DOT standards, is required to be retroreflective at 500 ft. but is no longer retroreflective, after treatment, can retroreflect 1,500-2,000 feet with Low-beam Headlights.


   Our proprietary formula/process, when applied to reflective/retroreflective painted surfaces and retroreflective sheeting/text/borders, penetrates and bonds to the reflective glass beads or microprisms embedded in the sheeting. Whether the substrate consists of aluminum, wood or composite plastic, our process can improve visibility and extend the reflective sheetings' useful life cycle. 

   The result is a drastically more visible sign at distance and the effect lessens as the light source nears the signage, preventing glare or blinding-retroreflection.

   The life of the treatment and whether or not we can improve a sign depends on the sign's location relative to the sun and the sign's level of degradation prior to applying our process. Most signs we treat will drastically increase in color and retroreflectivity, often exceeding acceptable visibility levels as set by DOT and/or the Secretary of Transportation. Our process also rejuvenates text and border color and pliability, which deters fading, cracking and peeling.


- We do not replace signs, lettering or paint. - If sign lettering is cracked, our process can prolong the life of the sign and letters. If letters are peeling and parts are missing, we do not currently repair or replace them. 

   Our fee is based on square footage of signage as well as difficulty of approach, as in, whether or not the sign is at ground level (post-mounted) or elevated (overhead-mounted), requiring a lift, etc. 

   We can extend the useful life of signage for years for a fraction of the replacement cost of new signs as well as the labor costs of state personnel required to perform replacement. We recommend annual treatments in order to preserve the signage in its' optimal condition.


   Our product also decreases the rate at which mold grows on signage and in some cases, prevents the formation of future mold. 


   Siviens LLC is registered with SAM, SBA and Veterans Administration. Please contact us for more information.

   David Thomas Owner/CEO

   (910) 859-2019


   NAICS: 237310

   CAGE: 9PJ54

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